New Awareness Ministries, International (NAMI)
The College of Metaphysical Studies (CMS)
The Temple of Light Spiritual Center (TOL)
The International Institute for Holistic Arts & Sciences (IIHAS)
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   for Your Spiritual Growth
Welcome, we invite you to build your awareness through CMS distant learning courses ... or visit our Clearwater, Florida campus. Let the NAMI Family provide you with the next step on your path.
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Our emblem conveys the ideals of the New Awareness Ministries, International, representing humanity's freedom from bondage of this world. The three circles in the background symbolize the metaphysical trinity of body, mind and spirit. The rising dove represents ascending consciousness. The wings are wings of freedom, "In this world, but not of this world."

Teaching the planet's largest metaphysical & spiritual curriculum...

Learn from the comfort of your own home...

Become a certified healer, minister, psychic, spirit medium, teacher, counselor and others

Follow your spiritual path and join the great adventure

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Our Amazing Expanding Universe
This is a wonderful multimedia piece!   ...details » 

Life On The Train
Ever think of life like a train ride? Take a look at this very moving Powerpoint presentation and you just may feel inclined to...   ...details » 

"New Children" Education Program
After 20 years of operation, CMS has proven that educational freedom in a democratic setting produces highly functioning adults who exhibit high self-esteem, strong self-confidence and intense inner motivation. And now, our “New Children” School is set to begin the same tradition. We find ourselves astounded by the wisdom and gifts of today’s children. Many people have tried to label these children because of these gifts; some but not all include: indigo, crystal, etc. If you have been told or are wondering if your child may fall under one of these labels – stop! The worst thing that you can do to a child is label him or her. Whether it is Indigo or ADD, a label places your child into a box, effectively limiting their creativity and ability to reach their greatest potential. We have decided to call them “new” only because they are.   ...details » 

Metaphysical Science Studies
This new series of 21 courses was inspired by "What the Bleep Do We Know" the award winning movie about consciousness and spirituality!
  ...details » 

Prayer and Healing Requests
Welcome to a new way to ask for spiritual support: prayer requests offered by email. Your request is sent immediately to our healing practitioners. To learn more about the process of spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer, visit our Spiritual Mind Treatment Q&A page.   ...details » 

New Student Course Discount
To acquaint you with our program we have instituted a NEW STUDENT SPECIAL OFFER -- A 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL OUR DISTANCE-LEARNING COURSES for all new students. Under the offer, each new student is limited to three (3) discounted courses on their first order. When ordering please include postage and handling.   ...details » 

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